Eaglet Update

“Every bird of prey looks over its shoulder
before it goes in for the kill, even a hawk.
Even they know to watch their backs,
every single one but an eagle. It’s fearless.”
Michelle Horst

Eaglet Update.png

The eaglets at the Hays and DC nests are getting big. They are just three weeks old and doing well. I took this screen shot of the Washington D.C. family with the mother eagle feeding the eaglets. Just thought I’d give you guys an eaglet update.

Shine On


Eaglets Hatched

“The beautiful spring came; and when
Nature resumes her loveliness,
the human soul is apt to revive also.”
Harriet Ann Jacobs

Eaglests Hatched
Yesterday the world watched in awe as two adorable bobblehead eaglets hatched. With all the press coverage they’ve received, they’ve become instant media superstars. From east coast to the west coast people are talking about these two feathered siblings. Look out Donald Trump you have some serious media competition.

Glad to see the news is covering more than just bad news and especially glad to see lots of new eagleholics around the world sharing in the success of this eagle family.

If you are interested in following this wonderful first family living in Washington D.C., check out their eagle cam at:


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The Eaglet Has Landed

“It’s a great event to get outside and enjoy nature.
I find it very exciting no matter how many times
I see bald eagles.”
Karen Armstrong

Eagleholic UpdateAs some of my followers know from a previous post, I have been following the progress of a family of Bald Eagles in Pittsburgh.

In my researching of Eagle Cams online, I came across a blog that is actually called: The Eagleholic

This blog is great! It gives you all the current information from all over North America about Bald Eagles and their eaglets.

Unfortunately, last week one of the eggs in the Pittsburgh nest broke, leaving only one egg to hatch for the season. Then yesterday another egg broke in the nest in Santa Cruz, California.

The good news is the first hatch took place yesterday in the Turtle Bay, California nest.

The eaglet has landed !

Shine On