An End To ISIS

“Never interrupt an enemy when he’s making a mistake.”
Napolean Bonaparte

Napolean Bonaparte

How to Put an End to ISIS

How do we solve all this terror and discord?
How do we end ISIS and their way of life?
We can’t end ISIS with war
We can’t end ISIS with talking
The only way to have peace in this world
Is to end why they hate us

But why do they hate us, you ask?
They hate us because of all that we have
Instead of dropping bombs and killing
We should drop cargo after cargo of goods
Goods such as movies, games, books, TVs, DVRs
Goods such as xboxs, drugs, alcohol, goods such as porn

Turn them into the western way of life
Then they will fight amongst themselves
This is cheaper than sending troops
This is cheaper than dropping bombs
This will end all the hate ISIS has towards the US of A
This saves us money and saves US lives

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November 23, 2015