“Only on the Internet
can a person be lonely
and popular at
the same time.”
Allison Burnett

To Blog

My blogging hobby began back in 2008, when my college son recommended blogging to me as a means of communicating my ideas. Initially, my blogs were set up as simple web pages that showcased some of my articles, and artistic work such as photography and videos. Most of these blogs were done using “Blogger”, which I did not find user friendly and therefore lost interest in my hobby.

Then in 2010, after exploring WordPress, and reading all the beautifully written and eye catching blogs on WordPress, I became more intrenched in other people’s work. Seeing all this beautiful work by unknown writers, inspired me to venture out into writing more material in my blogs and also writing about art and history.

Here’s some links to some of these older blogs:

This blog I began out of my interest and love of some of my all time favorite artists. This is still a work in progress, as I add to my favorites list.
My All Time Favorite Artists in History

This blog I began out of my love for Norman Rockwell. It saddens me that our current generation knows little about this talented artist and icon.
A Tribute to Norman Rockwell

Again, this blog is about another artist that has always fascinated me, Albert Vargas.
The Art of Albert Vargas

If you own an iPad, the best way to enjoy these blogs is by using the “Tumblr” App. If you are using a laptop or computer, the web design I selected does not do it justice. In any case, I hope you enjoy these old blogs.

Thank you,

Shine On


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