Time Traveling

“Once confined to fantasy and science fiction,
time travel is now simply an engineering problem.”
Michio Kaku

Mr Peabody

Spring is just around the corner and with that comes daylight savings time. Why are we still messing with Mother Nature’s clock?

Daylight saving was originally created to save energy. But it doesn’t really do that. Even worse are its negative health effects. It’s both antiquated and harmful. Maybe what we really need is a time machine.

The concept of traveling backward and forward in time has always held my fascination. My interest began as a child. Introduced to the idea of time travel by none other than Mr. Peabody and his Wayback machine.

Conceptually, time travel goes back several centuries. Long before H. G. Wells wrote the book, The Time Machine, Japanese, Hindu, and Buddhist all wrote about time travel. In more recent times, people such as Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking and Michio Kaku have discussed the possibilities of traveling back and forth in time.

Time travel will forever be one of my favorite genres of novels and movies. Whether I’m reading Stephen King’s novel 11/26/63 or watching Back to the Future for the hundredth time, the idea of going back to a time before I existed will always hold my interest in time traveling.

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2 thoughts on “Time Traveling

  1. Hey, you got some cartoons done. Nice! Time and space travel are things that fascinate me as well, I’m writing a story on it now.

    As for DST apparently and Indian chief once said “only the government can take a piece off the end of a blanket, sew it back on the other end and believe we have a bigger blanket”

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