The Beat Goes On

People have said to me,
You can’t write songs.
You can’t play an instrument.
But I’ve got 10 gold records.”
Sonny Bono

The Beat Goes On
I can hardly believe it was forty-nine years ago today that Sonny and Cher sang, The Beat Goes On for the very first time. On that January 14, 1967 day, the song was issued as a single and appeared on their In Case You’re in Love album

I first feel in love with this cool couple when I heard their first hit, I Got You Babe back in 1965. I remember I saw them on Dick Clark’s American Band Stand. Mesmerized by Cher’s charismatic personality and her beautiful long black hair, Sonny and Cher complemented each other in so many ways, not just musically.

The duet continued to have hits and a huge fan base during their long running TV careers, even afterward their marriage faltered. The two of them remained champions in my book. Cher moving on to films and Sonny moving on to a political career.

They had a few hits together and Cher had lots of hits without Sonny. But, the one song synonymous when it comes to Sonny and Cher will always be, The Beat Goes On.

Shine On


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