Verizon SUCKS !!!


We have had nothing but problems the last week with our Verizon phone and internet service. The connection drops every other minute. We have called Verizon customer service ten times a day for the last week. They say they fixed the problem and then ten minutes later we have no connection.

My husband and I have talked with dozens of technical people (none of them actually located in the US) and have spent well over 40 hours going back and forth with Verizon. We have had two technicians out to our home to fix the problem and they have spent hours and still they have not fixed the problem.

As of today at 4:30 pm, after spending all day on the phone with someone from Verizon, they say they have put a “team together” to fix the problems. They said the problem should be resolved by Thursday 8:00 pm. I DON’T BELIEVE A WORD THEY SAY ! Why? Because, their records show that we have only called them five times this past week. When in fact, we’ve called them three times that amount just today.

The real slap in the face is that they have the balls to raise their rates for internet service, when we don’t even have any internet to use.

The thing that really pisses me off is that we can’t use anyone but Verizon, because no other provider is offered to us at our location. I am so frustrated with Verizon I have filed a complaint with the FCC and am contacting NBC’s consumer reporter to look into Verizon and their practices.

Hopefully, I won’t lose this post before I hit Publish.

Shine On

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